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Friday, November 18, 2011

"Horse Trailers" Brave update!

So you may have read about and seen the trailer for Brave, Pixar's new animated movie, in this former post. That was just the teaser trailer making the viewers excited for what might be coming next. Heck, it worked for me. Now we get so see more insight into the movie and thank goodness they are not giving the whole plot away on a silver platter.

The hair physics are awesome, the plot looks intriguing, and the horse animation and anatomy look drool worthy. Yup. Wanna see it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Horses in Song

It happens. You're doing something else with radio on in the background, not really focusing on anything, and then BAM! Some voice says something about horses and your ears automatically start paying attention. It's really amusing when this happens in a college dorm full of equine majors.

Why is this? If it happens to you, I'm sorry. It means you're a Horse Person. (The condition of HP is not to be confused with the condition of Harry Potterhead, plaguing fans of a book series by J.K. Rowling.)

It is a condition with no known cure, no 12 step program. But don't start making arrangements for the men in white coats yet. It can be managed, and you've likely already been living with it for years.

We can contact your therapist and MD later. This post is about horse songs!

Yes. Horse songs. And I don't mean songs particularly about horse, but even songs that just have a line or two. I've been subconsciously taking note of these and now I get to share them with you guys.


Wild Horses sung by Natasha Bedingfield

Equines running wild and untamed have always been a powerful image of freedom. Although I don't think wild donkeys have gotten the same romanticized treatment as their horsey counterparts. Usually horses are running so they don't get eaten, but the pretty imagery is still there.


A Horse Called Golgotha by Baroness.

And now for something completely different... If you aren't a fan of metal, just don't click and skip ahead to the next song.

WSTopDeck shared this song with me. Blame her.

Although from what I can tell the Baroness are a bunch of dudes. But so is the band Bare Naked Ladies, so I digress. What does this have to do with a horse and why are they named Golgotha? Well, here are the lyrics I could find in case you don't speak heavy metal.

Call the boy
He's down the hallow
Cull the tide
Distill the rye

Now it's time for medication
Stallions on the eiderdown

The stained horizon
Ablaze with revolvers
Stampedes and bridles

Exorcise the family demons
Stallions on the eilderdown

The stained horizon
Of the dark rein and rider
The steed named Golgotha

That actually sounds like a really pretty poem. It also sounds like a bunch of Vikings are about to mess someone up, but dang are they going to ride in style doing it.

Dog Days by Florence and the Machine

This one got some top 40 playtime on the radio and they are becoming one of my favorite bands. The horse line starts at 1:00.

Instead of wanting to emulate wild horses like the first song, you better run from them. Yes the music video has no ponies and instead has some blue Snookie smurfs (I swear one of them looks like Quinn from Glee). But if you like this song check out their other stuff, it won't disappoint.


Dark Horses by Switchfoot

I first heard this next song on TV. It was late, insomnia was looming, and Conan O'Brian was on after whatever I was watching before it. The term dark horse has to do with being a little known underdog. The origins of the term are rooted to horse racing. It counts! XD

I listened to Switchfoot a little when I was in high school and dang it if I don't love this song now.


Yellow Horse by Cowboy Racer

This one shouldn't be too weird if you've lasted this long... Scratch that it's still going to be weird. The pony in the video is cute. Blame goes to Beautygirl1510 for sharing this on her iPod when we drove to the tack store one day. Fitting name and their first single. It's catchy.

If Mr. Ed ever gets a modern makeover I'm pretty dang sure this will be the new opening theme.


Electric Twist by A Fine Frenzy

This next one is probably my favorite of the bunch. It's just fun!

And it kicks like a pony.