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Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Horse Trailers" War Horse Update!

So a week or so ago I was walking in the mall (I really don't do that often honestly) when I saw this on practically every ad kiosk in the place. That's a new War Horse movie poster and it will be out in theaters within two weeks on Christmas day. Is your holiday enforced shopping done yet?

I can't help but notice they gave Joey, the horse, digital hair extensions. Gives him that more dramatic Friesian-y appearance. Not that I have anything against Friesians mind you. But goodness knows if they came in more colors Hollywood would use them exclusively. I know a place where you can get that bit too... at a, um... pretty Friesian tack store.

Ok the Friesianfication of horses in movies should be for another post. Though I have to say I don't know why a horse in the first World War would be wearing a Portuguese curb bit. I may need to let rabbitsfizz rant it with all the other historical inaccuracies from the trailers alone.

And to go with our new poster here are another trailer. Have-at horsey people.

(If embedded video is not working click here)

Special thanks to my friend Stacy for lending me the image of the new poster at the mall. (I must start carrying a camera )