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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blast from childhood past!

Right now you are on a computer. And if you are reading this you very likely are into horses. Statistically you are more likely than the average web-surfer to have been into My Little Ponies at some point in your life. So use your web-savvy skills and get yourself over to generalzoi's My Little Pony Creator!
Brownie points to whoever can guess the famous animated horses!

Love this thing. It is highly entertaining and will keep you fiddling around with all the options. And it keeps getting updated with new things added. You chose things like head size, manes and tails, colors for everything, expressions. You can even customize body types! Seriously, I wish horse video and computer games would take a note from this thing and make in-game horses this customizable.

I'll be adding random MLP's made by Beautygirl1510 and WSTopDeck later.
So grab some friends and start ponifying!
Have fun freaking them out by turning them into weird pony-persons.

Second order of business. New anti-rollkur/hyperflexion/low-deep-and-round shirts in the store.
(Note: I am not "anti-dressage" or "anti-insert discipline here". I'm anti abuse.)

Dark color anti-rollkur shirts.

Light color anti-rollkur shirts.

UPDATE 06/16/11:
Heather/Beautygirl1510 MLP's!

MLPs based on real life horses we know.
Simba, Altair, Beautygirl1510's horse Beauty and George (He's pink because he's a strawberry roan XD)

Carly My Little Pony!

Carly Pony!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

34 Hours

I am posting to share that Beautygirl1510 and I have just completed The Magic Crystals, a small independent game by Artery... Oh, my braincells. Yes, there are unicorns, daemon horses, fire ponies. ice ponies, and what they call Pegasus. But was it worth it? Was it worth the 34 hours of game-play?
In short, heck no. There will be an entire review of this one, you can be sure of it. For now, we must breath, recover, and kill things in Assassin's Creed to release the anger in the safest way possible.

The next episode is on a slight hold until some glitches in the game recording software are fixed. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Canned Unicorn Meat

Feeling tired and run down? Lacking some essential vitamin M (Magic)? Pregnant and craving the meat of something who's the last one of their kind? Well, there is a solution! Introducing the greatest thing since canned bread. (No really!)
Harvested from free range unicorns who subsisted on a steady diet of rainbows and morning dew. Humanly lured by only the purest of maidens and ethically dispatched by the most ruthless of hunters, in the most humane ways possible.

Calorie, fat, carb and allergy free. Heck, it's even vegan-safe. An excellent source of sparkles!

Enjoy a bowl of Canned Unicorn Meat in the morning for breakfast,second breakfast elevensies, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack.

Make unicorn meat a part of your daily nutrition.

(Side effects may include: Speaking to animals, being constantly surrounded by butterflies, sparkling not unlike a Twilight vampire. Immortality has not been linked to eating the flesh of the unicorn, claims of immortalitly from unicorn blood under investigation by the Ministry of Magic.)

This amusing plush object in a can is from the awesome people at ThinkGeek.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Virtual Pwnies Store Now Open

First off, I am giving a shout out and thanks to everyone over at Model Horse Blab for their wonderful and quite entertaining comments on the White Horse Chart. ^_^ You have also inspired some of the madness that follows. (I endearingly blame you all.)

VP has a store! > VirtualPwnies

There is a poster of the So You Randomly Find A White Horse chart available. A bumper sticker warning others that you stop for horned horses. And since not all of us are as virtuous as the medieval maidens of old, there are 2 versions of shirts that state the desire to find a unicorn with low standards. More to be added as ideas come!

In other news:
The first horse game review of Mary King's Riding Star is in the making. Working on obtaining in-game footage at the moment.

Also, my gamer buddy beautygirl1510 and I have been playing a small indie game called The Magic Crystals. We are officially 8 hours into the game... more on that later O.o