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Monday, October 15, 2012

Riding Gangnam Style

Oh viral videos.  How fast you spread.  And how 'what the crap' you can be.  Such is Gangnam Style...

It has ponies, and a carousel, and a gorgeous indoor riding arena, and ... lots of other random, funny, and/or disturbing things totally unrelated to those horse related things I just mentioned.

This mainly being an example...

I think they made PSY dance in the barn aisle during feeding time to get the horses to stare confusedly at him while awaiting their grain.  That one chestnut sabino at 00:27 pulling a Ginger wants their noms naow!

Gangam Style, according to the interwebz, is a song about the style of those who live in the Gangnam area of South Korea, and is comparable to Beverly Hills in the U.S.A.  And it's about sexy ladies.  Apparently.  Just guessing.  The dance also looks like a combination of Men Doing Dressage, and Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.

If this wasn't random enough, the Bronies got to it.

Now 20% cooler in Rainbow Dash flavor.

So how to react this this?  I suggest Gangnam be considered a new modern style of riding.  And it doesn't even require a horse... or coconuts.

Shirts now available, and I will be having way too much fun coming up with different themed "Styles of Riding" shirts.  After I come up with enough I plan to make a poster combining all of them.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a T-shirt, please contact me through

Thanks to Heather and Blab for introducing the Gangnam and the MLP versions.
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