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Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

I stopped by the Roadside Landscaping horse for the holidays and ran into Peter who owns the landscaping company and decorates the horse.  I need to find time to interview him about the story of the roadside horse when I find time during my busy schedule these days.  XD  Anyway, he showed me the new decorations which were being put up.  I was lucky enough to get images with snow on the ground.

Seeing this really makes me want to collect a tree via horse-drawn sleigh

 The elusive reindeer bunnies!

 There were lights that weren't put up yet.  So right after New Years I stopped by and got to see everything illuminated.  As you can tell from the sky we were expecting a Nor'Easter.  Their snowplows were all set up and waiting for the storm to arrive.  Bob and Vince were nice enough to light everything up for the photos.  I got to see this on my drive back home in the dark and it looks beautiful!  But too dangerous for me to pull over and take a pic sadly due to a median divider in the way going home.

 So new year.  And one of my resolutions is to update this blog more.  I have a year overdue update on the Whitey/White Bliss the standardbred colt.  Same with finishing the adventures of the Visible Horse.  XD  So my track record is not the best.  I also have a whole bunch of new horse fossil replicas!  And I plan to flexibly articulate them and document the progress.  Sadly due to the storm we're having in the north east, I'm missing out on a trip to a carousel museum in Connecticut.  Hopefully snow won't get in the way of that next year.   And till then, hopefully more fun being posted here!

Happy New Year everyone!