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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween '13 !!!

Hey that rhymes!

It's that time of year again.  So here is the Roadside Landscaping Horse!

I sadly don't have any night pics of this, but the skeleton lights up!  I do have to say that even if you know where on the road the horse is on, seeing a skeleton on top is unexpected as you drive by. O.o  Other people besides myself were pulling over to get images of him too.  

And here are some equine-themed decorations around my place.  

Why yes.  Death's cloak is an old sock.

My mesohippus skull being all steampunk.

Halloween Breyer horses!  The galloping one has bats at dusk.  And the Appaloosa has a pretty clever pattern too.  Stare at the rump.  Once seen, it cannot be unseen!

Also on the theme of Halloween.  Check out Sleepy Hollow the new Fox show.  It combines the legend of the headless horseman and apocalypse lore in an interesting modern mash-up.  And hold out if you watch and get miffed that the horse is white and not black.  They explain it.

Although I never knew that Hessian soldiers rode in western saddles during the revolution...

Historical accuracy is in a constant state of disappointment these days.

 You can watch recent episodes currently on Hulu.  It can get a little campy at times in the way Supernatural does.  But sometimes you just want to hear a British actor speaking intellectually while people lose their heads. 

Happy Halloween!!!