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Friday, February 24, 2012

Equestrian Jensen Ackles

So there is this Equestrian 'insert hot actor here'/Hey Girl meme floating around horse blogs. There is  the Equestrian Ryan Gosling one that started it all here, an Equestrian Ryan Raynolds over at Tucker the Wunderkind here, and Equestrian Daniel Craig over at A Good Horse here.

Over here at VirtualPwnies we had to try it.  So we went with Heather/Beautygirl1510's choice of Supernatural hottie Jensen Ackles.  The guy rides, so what is to follow could already be half way believable as reality.  Hope away equestrian ladies!

 I normally don't use the term 'hottie' even in appropriately acceptable circumstances.  
Here it is mandatory.


Who were our other choices?

Christine/WSTopdeck wanted Ryan Raynolds but he was already taken.  Who did I want?  Daniel Radcliff, but this is how it would have turned out.

Yeah... nooo...  Equus has ruined the many mostly nekked horse related pics of Hey Girl possibilities for the poor boy.


Anonymous said...

I love this. In a freakish coincidence fans are trying to raise $1,500 to sponsor a horse for Jensen's birthday.

SolitaireMare said...

LOL, Daniel Radcliffe! This was great, and thanks for the mention of my meme attempt with Daniel Craig! :)

talkingMongo0se said...

I loved your Daniel Craig meme! Glad you enjoyed yourself. ^_^