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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Unicorn April Fools

So it is April first and I have an interesting product, and a product update, from the wonderful nerdlings at ThinkGeek.

Ever watch a horse movie or game and have something so wrong, so sappy and so annoying happen that you wish there was brain bleach?

Pegasus isn't a black Friesian!

 This isn't the story of Black Beauty, its 7 smaller horrible movies tied together by the same horse in every background shot.

 34 hours of my life I will never get back!  What?  I need to play it again to get video footage for a review?  And the new updates got rid of rainbows giving free money?  *&#^@#!!!

Well, ThinkGeek has a solution to that.  Just take Unicorn Chaser and it will make the world full of double rainbows.  That give you money.



And in other news.  Remember Canned Unicorn Meat?

Yay for parody laws.

Also conspiracy theorists believe Barbaro is still alive. :P