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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Virtual Pwnies Store Now Open

First off, I am giving a shout out and thanks to everyone over at Model Horse Blab for their wonderful and quite entertaining comments on the White Horse Chart. ^_^ You have also inspired some of the madness that follows. (I endearingly blame you all.)

VP has a store! > VirtualPwnies

There is a poster of the So You Randomly Find A White Horse chart available. A bumper sticker warning others that you stop for horned horses. And since not all of us are as virtuous as the medieval maidens of old, there are 2 versions of shirts that state the desire to find a unicorn with low standards. More to be added as ideas come!

In other news:
The first horse game review of Mary King's Riding Star is in the making. Working on obtaining in-game footage at the moment.

Also, my gamer buddy beautygirl1510 and I have been playing a small indie game called The Magic Crystals. We are officially 8 hours into the game... more on that later O.o

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