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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Early 1900's Gossip

First off I want to have a huge thank you to everyone who has so far participated in the questionnaire. Suzie and Maria from Centenary, thanks so much for your kind words you guys made my week. ^_^

Just because a week has gone and a new post is up doesn't mean it's over. If you want to still participate please do! If I get enough responses I'll have a post dedicated to breaking down the results of replies.


So this past week the awesome Admin from the equine genetics forum I'm a participant on posted this interesting excerpt from Types and Market Classes of Livestock, By Henry William Vaughan. You can blame her for this entire blog post. :P

"Color With the possible exception of the saddle horse color is of more importance in heavy harness horses than in any other type The dark solid colors are preferred as being in proper accord with the elegant vehicles drawn by this horse White ankles are often favored because a horse so marked has his action emphasized and easily seen Grays roans and light colors are heavily discounted or even rejected except for certain special restricted uses such as sporting tandems road fours or cross matched pairs and in horses for ladies use even the white markings are discriminated against True elegance and good taste are wanted and this excludes colors that are flashy and calculated to attract undue attention."

This caused my imagination to kinda run with itself.
Click to enlarge or view higher quality at DA here.
Two overly aristocratic ladies gossiping over the impropriety of flashy colored horses.

Yes horses with too much 'chrome' were horribly out of fashion in those days. Meanwhile back in the 1700's white and fancy colors were all the rage. You know those Lippizans? Those uniform gray prancing ones from Vienna? This is what they looked like a few hundred years ago. Yah, crazy right?

So really if anyone was anyone back in the early past century then their horse was as plain, normal and unassuming as possible.

Ugh. A blaze and palomino? What were they thinking giving it a show. It learned to talk just to get people to look at it. Pay it no mind, and keep walking. It can smell disgust and fear.

Viggo Mortinson you attention seeking harlot of poor taste! Who let you in front of the cameras on that creature?

No more. No more! Is that purple and a horn? What in heavens is on it's hindquarters?
My weak constitution can't take much more of this.

Yah. Better to let this fall away into the aether.


Speaking of My Little Ponies, Kelpie from HGS has made us no longer need to wonder what Applejack from MLP Friendship Is Forever might look like as a real horse.

If you believe in alternate universes or string theory, this does exist somewhere.

This is Kelpie's horse Pyrros. And an interesting story occurred because of it:

"-when I showed my husband [the picture it] caused us to end up in an argument over whether Applejack is palomino or flaxen chestnut. (I maintained flaxen chestnut as her mane and tail were not white, he maintained palomino because her body was too yellow. I guess someone should jump in with "gold champagne" next since her eyes are green.) UBER CARTOON-HORSE PHENOTYPE NERD ARGUMENT."

And it is for the uber cartoon-horse phenotype nerdness that we thank you. ^_^


For more MLP color madness.
Click Here


Unknown said...

lol, i am a mlp collector, as well as a horse lover, and never even thought about the classification of the "normal" colored mlps... thanks a LOT for making me dig out my collection and classify them....

nah, just kidding. i don't have that much time.

very interesting article. :) loved it!

Suzie said...

Is the VP tipline open?

Shiny Ponyta video.

talkingMongo0se said...

Always open and totally welcome ^_^

DemonicSymphony said...

Accccctually. As AJ's obviously a Western pony. She'd be called a sorrel -ducks flying MLPs-

talkingMongo0se said...

Lol, genetically it's all the same but the cultural terminology in her case is true. No chucking MLPs at you here. ^_^

DemonicSymphony said...

Hehe, which was my point.

The things pony collectors find!

talkingMongo0se said...

If anyone is interested the MLP madness continues.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this post is the incorrectly named series. For the record, Friendship is not Forever, but merely Magic. This Magic, while Friendship, is not necessarily Forever, and it may be temporary. In fact, the transfer of this Magic to Friendship released a series of ancient villains that had been banished with them. Thank you for your consideration.

talkingMongo0se said...

Thank you dear reader for pointing that mistake out. There is a sad sordid tale about it. There is a game, that I have had the displeasure of playing, called Let's Ride Friends Forever. It occasionally likes to attempt to latch on to the much more popular franchise of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It's jealous I do believe. And to pseudo-quote Pinkie Pie, the game in question does indeed go on forEVer!