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Saturday, March 24, 2012

VP at the PA Horse Expo 2012

Ok, so this is about a month overdue.  But last month Heather and I went to the PA Horse Expo.  And we found out what happened to that horse from Family Guy.

Plush blanket-a-fications!

It's a blanket (for people and not ponies) that conveniently zips up into a horse head.  We assume this is supposed to be given as a gift to an unsuspecting recipient under their bed covers while they are sleeping. 

It also comes in bay.  And its soulless eyes follow you.

Speaking of dismembered fictional horses.  (Ok, that was an awful segue and I apologize.)  We got to see Tommie Turvey's red roan mustang stunt horse Blade.

 A.K.A the cute horse that got eaten by zombies in The Walking Dead.

Personal confession, I cried when Blade got devoured by a hoard of shambling undead.  It got to me, because in real life I hold a red roan near and dear to my heart.  It's kind of the same reaction I get when I watch that one episode of Futurama with Seymour the dog.  Because he looks like my Border Terrier.

Walking Dead is show so I know it's all fake.  They couldn't actually film a horse actually being eaten by those infected with the Z virus for the sake of entertainment (ASPCA has standards y'know). Since then I have met several other people who either ride or own red roans who also watch Walking Dead.  And all of them had the same reaction.  Those who lacked a red roan heart horse did not.  There is a psychological study in there somewhere...


We also got to see booths, Breyers, orange tack (Heather has a thing for orange tack, and I mean orange orange tack).  Something we noticed is that a good number of the booths had those animatronic life-sized shetland pony toys.  Hey it works though.  People come in to check them out, they model products, no clean up, and parents trick their small children into thinking they pet a real pony without fear of them losing any fingers.  

We all know real ponies eat children's fingers to gain their power.

There was a real horse who painted pictures with paint and a brush while sporting a tiny little blue barrette.
Micro fashion.  He has, how you say?  The MAGICS! 

We also got to meet this one leopard tiger horse with crazy mismarks in his pattern.  I've only ever seen pictures of him in Google image search so I kinda, maybe, sorta, geeked out over his somatic mutation.  I apologize to the lady at his stall for my geekout.  Your horse's color is really really cool.

And we also found out that Odd Job Bob, Tommie Turvey's gypsy cob, (hey that rhymes) was in a movie.  In a car.  And all we can think now is.  Eventually, for better or worse, we're going to have to review this...



Thanks to the very nice and people from Champion Saddlery for being understanding of the weird need to blog about the horse blanket in their booth.  
(No one pays me to link to them in my blog.  Check them out they were nice. :)

And a huge thanks to Heather for taking pictures because I always forget to bring a camera.

EDIT:  Ok change that to blame Heather now.  She told me I had to put a picture of myself on this blog somewhere, and she lovingly edited it for me so I would post it.  Here ya go!

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Kelpie said...

One of my husband's friends brought over Walking Dead one night, and they politely warned me when the horse was about to get destroyed, so I was able to leave the room, haha. I wasn't so lucky when I watched the True Grit remake and was faced with our HERO senselessly riding a horse to death! Neither my husband nor I knew it was coming. I was in quite the foul mood when I went to bed that night! Same with Firefly when a villain hides behind a horse for cover. Our HERO shoots the horse dead so he can shoot the villain. WTF, movie-makers. WTF. I never watched past that scene. I can understand villains killing horses because, you know, villains. But when we treat heroes killing horses as a perfectly reasonable course of action, I take issue.