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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Storm Maximus

Hi all,

If you are in the upper hemisphere you might be at home reading this with a cup of coco browsing the internet.  Peacefully relaxing now that the holidays are over.  However winter is still here.  If you're in the east coast of the United States chances are you are panicking over snow.  LOTS of snow.  If you're in Canada you're laughing at us because this is the equivalent of a flurry up there.

We just had winter storm Maximus.  Who apparently was trying to kill us all.

Bad horse, bad horse, bad horse.  He's BAD!
(Someone has to get the reference.  And if you do you're awesome.)

There is this whole winter vortex thing going on.  This causes cold temps, horses being bundled to the ears, children getting temporarily lost in snow drifts, and dogs learning how to become ground hogs just to make it to their favorite spot in the yard.  (Speaking of ground hogs, they lie about how long winter will be)

Basically the Disney movie Frozen is becoming reality is what we're saying.  Someone needs to give Elsa her glove back.  Maximus is now being followed by winter storm Nika who will throw untold amounts of the fluffy white stuff on top of what we already got.

I don't know what this horse's name was in the movie.  It's Nika now.

So if you're up in my neck of the woods, stay indoors, read a book, and here is a family member's recipe for old fashioned winter Panic Toast.

What's worse than all the snow?  The thaw.
Horse people know what I'm talking about.

Whatever you do.  Remember your towel, and DON'T PANIC

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