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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rate those Disney Horses!

New fun little poll letting people rate various Disney equines for numerous categories.  Such as goofiest, strongest, cutest, sassiest ect.  They also have 'most purebred' as a category.  Unless we have a pedigree for a non existent equine, I'm not exactly sure how that one works...|none|natural|blgomd|OMDMay|FB|polldishorse-SleepingBeauty|InHouse|2015-05-31|||esocialmedia|none|natural|blgomd|OMDMay|FB|polldishorse-SleepingBeauty|InHouse|2015-05-31|||esocialmedia

But is is fun.  They're also including Pegasus, the toy horse Bullseye, and even the adorable seahorse Sheldon.  Because every horse person knows seahorses are honorary horses.  And the closest thing to a mythical hippocampus we'll ever get.  (Unless we create a college for hippos.  But that doesn't really count.)

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