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Sunday, September 25, 2011

In Production 2

I had a comic planned for this week that didn't get done in time. It will be a continuation of VP IRL including more horse apparel craziness. Next week!

So instead I've decided to do a behind the scenes of eventual future randomness. I really don't have planned release dates for anything as you may have noticed and some of this stuff may not be out for awhile. Still getting the hang of making videos (like the 7 months for the Mary King vid, yeahhhh) and hopefully with practice things will come out quicker and better.

I'm planning on doing one more review of a video game before delving into a movie or TV show. So what other projects does VP have in store for the future? And what the heck is a Mo puppet?

Well Mo is the faithful, non existent, generic vectorized demonstration horse. He's in the logo.

Our hero.

Mo gets manipulated, prodded, tweaked, and rotated into different positions. His limbs are also detachable and your average model has 17 separate parts.

If you tilt your head and squint your eyes it spells FWOSH... sorta.

And like GLaDOS from Portal, I keep stockpiles of 'test subjects' for various purposes.

This is one section of a much larger example of the madness.

Mo is fairly versetile in that a few modifications can make him appropriate for representing various characters and actions in the videos and posts.

Shh. It's Heather on Beauty.
She has orange tack and green everything.

So in regular Guess That Pokemon fashion we have a sneak peak of some future projects in silhouette from.
See how many you can guess.

And officially the next video is going to be Equestriad. I'd like to thank Dreamflite from Blab!

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Lozloz1 said...

I can't believe no one has attempted this yet!

I an pick out The Last Unicorn, Spirit: SOTC and MLP: FIM. The cowboy on the floor reminds me of what you spend a lot of time doing in Barbie Ranch Mystery and the one with the foal reminds me of the crazy foal minigames in Pippa Funnell 3 and 4 (I'm not sure what those games are called for you).