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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sims 3 Pets Demo!

So the comic is delayed further due to family hospital emergency. Everyone is alright thank goodness. I spent the weekend with my grandmother and when I had some down time I checked out the demo for Sims 3 Pets.

The blame for this week goes to ThirdPeppermint and Krickette from Color Genetics Info Forum! Peppermint posted about the S3P release and how it includes horses, and Krickette assured me that I could avoid unwanted EA Games spam when I downloaded the demo. Thanks to both of you! ^_^

The demo only has the pet creator and you can't actually interact with anything you make in it. But dang have I wanted insane custom colors for horses in a game. I might do a quick video on the demo but there are some already on YouTube from other players.

In the mean time I'll share the unusual colored horses I was able to create based on real unusual colored horses. I apologize to any owners who find these silly Sim versions of your lovely horsie color oddities. ^_^

Trabag, a manchado overo Arabian.

Le Tigre a chestnut brindle roan mustang mare.

Riverdance's Marble Tigress. A smoky black brindle roan.
I couldn't make her into a mini!

Dunbar's Gold a red dun chimera (He's his own twin!)

The late Catch A Bird, a likely brindle roan and founder
of a new roan mutation in thoroughbreds.

Natal Clasi a likely extensive rabicano brindle.

Nimir a gray brindle Arabian.

Litningur frá Möðrufelli a confirmed chimera.
His front half is flaxen chestnut and his butt is black.
(I dare you to say that name 10x fast if you can't speak Icelandic)

Stetson's Mister Blue a likely chimera like Litningur Whatshisname.

Simply Striking, a Saddlebred with fungal scarring.

And lastly Uniquely Destined a very fun missmarked leopard appaloosa.

I highly recommend trying out the free demo.
Be warned, I may be attempting My Little Ponies next. (click here)


Anonymous said...

I like the SIM of my brindle Arabian Amirage Nimir ;) Very nice!

talkingMongo0se said...

So glad you enjoy it! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Where is Clicker? The little Arabian/Hackney mare?