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Monday, January 30, 2012

Edible Blog Fodder!

Alright, you know that thing that happens when you say something you do as a hobby will be done at a certain time, but because it's not your job it doesn't reach the top of your to do list and then you get a second job and it kinda doesn't get finished when you wanted?

Well, we're skipping that for now.  ZEBRA MARSHMALLOWS !!!

Today I was in the grocery store when I came across this.

Zebras are a kind of 'pony'.  As in they are a member of the family equidea, with distinct stripe patterns, three separate species with different chromosome counts, and multiple subspecies.  And the fact that they are monochromatically freaking adorable.  So someone got the idea of making chocolate drizzled marshmallows that have stripes and calling them zebras.  The graham crackers feel left out, but they got voted off for being considered too healthy.  This is what they look like on the bag.

So we opened said bag and the disappointing reality did not disappoint.

 So what do they taste like?  Here are the reviews.

Christine/ WStopdeck They taste like marshmallows and chocolate.  :steal another:   Nom.  :steal a third:

Heather/ beautygirl1510 Omnomnom...

Me/ Liz/ talkingMongo0seCan I have the bag back?

So what do we suggest doing with these other than eating them?  Wield them as a zebra stripy projectile what else?  The technological advancement of marshmallow weaponry has slingshots, catapults, trebuchets ect.  But if the chocolate doesn't gum up the works this might be an appropriate fit for the zebra marshmallows.

We like to think so.

~ ~ ~

 And I want to give a shout out to our latest blog watcher Lolzloz1/icklesquish89 and YouTube commenter Criminal Spirit .  Thank you both so much for your enthusiasm!

I'm working on the War Horse Play Retrospective Part 2 as I type so lets hope we don't get too much more delay.

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