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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

War Horse more updates... um... again

Creative title I know.

So the voice recording for the War Horse Play Retrospective is all done!  And a got a new video editor for the holidays.  Bring on the learning curve!  A fun fact is I got Adobe Premier Pro and one release of this software had a horse on the box cover.  That gives it extra points for coolness right there. 

It's the little things people. 

It's a whole lot more in depth than Windows Movie Maker.  I'm suspecting the video to take longer to create than desired.  So while I attempt to unravel the crazy complicated features of this new software I give you a Mo preview of baby Joey.

Not a kangaroo. Kinda colored like one though.

 So on the subject of War Horse, the movie is out and I will be seeing it with family and friends hopefully some time this week.  It's had wonderful reviews across the board so I'm excited.

In the mean time Heather/Beautygirl1510 sent over a video including 3 things that I never thought would be together. Bad Horse's right hand man himself Neil Patrick Harris/Dr. Horrible, an Equus reference, and Joey the War Horse puppet.  Check out all the Tony awards!

If embedded video doesn't work click here 

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