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Virtual Pwnies
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update on Lack of Update

Hi again!  So the first video of the War Horse Play Retrospective is complete and on YouTube.  And it kinda has been complete and on YouTube for awhile.

It's missing piece, the second part, is still in production, but with some hope, will be done possibly later this week.  Premeire Pro worked very well for the first video and like many Adobe programs, decided to not be so consistent the next time around.  Plus some things going on in my life like teaching a Chainmaille and Metal Weaving class at my alma mater have taken over more of my free time.

Also, UC Davis just released a test for Splash.  Commence the equine genetics enthusiast enthusiastic freak-out!

Test them...

To learn more about the Splash pattern and the sheer awesomeness of there being a test, with not 1 but 3 mutations isolated, check out Equine Tapestry by Lesli Kathman and Equine Genetics at blogspot by Riddle Me This.

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